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Patrick Amiot

The "Junk Sculptor of Sebastopol"

What does a garbage can lid, an old clock and a stovepipe all have in common? They all were destined to be landfill and are now part of a whimsical Patrick Amiot sculpture. Amiot say’s “I’m a junk specialist”. “People throw stuff away that I consider valuable. I can do so many things with it.” I guess it’s another way of saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Amiot and his wife and artistic partner Brigitte originally hail from Montreal. After crisscrossing Canada they immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Sebastopol in 1997 where they soon began to transform the local landscape. Amiot, who created tabletop ceramic sculptures, found he wanted to work bigger but couldn’t afford the larger materials – so he turned to junk. One day at a local flea market he bought a rowboat for $50 and turned it into a grinning fisherman posing with a large fish. He put it on his front lawn . . . and the magic began.

Patrick and Brigitte are both self-taught and consider themselves folk artists. They are the rare husband and wife team who have raised a family and built a successful art business together. Patrick says of his partner of 27 years, “She guides the ship and is my muse. All the work I do is a gift for her. I’d be a bum without her.” Brigitte, who adds life and paints the welded composites, prefers to stay in the background leaving Patrick to the limelight.

You can see all of the Amiot’s artwork including that of their two daughters during the “ARTrails” weekend in October each year.

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Patrick Amiot
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